Goat cheese from Sicily 'Talè' 500 gr Maximize

Goat cheese from Sicily 'Talè' 500 gr

Weight (kg) 0,5
Coming from Siclia
Package full size 500 gr
Price per Kg: 41.20 €/kg

Total price:

20,60 €

It is a square-shaped soft cheese washed rind and orange color, made from the milk of goats Girgentana; breeding goat Girgenti, the ancient Agrigento, characteristic for the long corkscrew horns and a beard-wide throat, went through a period of nearly abandoned, but today the breed is no longer in danger of extinction thanks to the work of a few enthusiasts breeders. A Sicilian cheese, then, raw paste, soft, perfume and muffati cellar and an intense flavor that increases significantly, along with the cremificazione, as it matures, it is interesting for the early availability during the winter season when other goat breeds reared more to the north are still involved in the parties. It's a goat cheese with a great personality because it is able to convey with great elegance and scents of the Mediterranean Sicily.

  • Weight (kg) 0,5
  • Coming from Siclia
  • Package full size 500 gr
  • Price si

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Goat cheese from Sicily 'Talè' 500 gr

Goat cheese from Sicily 'Talè' 500 gr

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