Our philosophy

After ten years’ experience in restaurant management, now Avionblu wants to bring to everyone’s homes the same ingredients that are used in gourmet restaurants.

The advantages of the service that AVIONBLU offers are:
- The products are directly delivered to your home
- The products are selected from guaranteed quality firms

All products have been carefully selected after having visited in person the various firms’ premises, as well as after having tried them several times at the Restaurant.


I have selected winemakers that employ natural methods and reduced amounts of sulfur dioxide and prefer to focus on territoriality, that is who want their wines to express the peculiarities of a specific area, land, history and culture. These are small winemakers who do not have a high visibility in standard sales channels, but they do have huge potentials. They produce genuine wines, which I
particularly value because they are enjoyable to drink.

As it is right and proper, I have selected the winemakers after visiting their winery in person to appraise their history and potential.

For any request, concern or advice, please call:
Andrea Manfredini - Tel. +39 335 200512
or write at info@avionblu.com